What Is The Bike You Should Look For ? My Ultimate Blueprints

The Bike You Should Look For

What is the bike you should look for With countless brands of them out there? We Love Bikes because they are a source of extreme fun, Now you decide to make your move and finally have you dream bike, but as you set out,  you find yourself in an ocean of different bikes and opinions, then confusion take over.

Don’t worry, this happens to most people, especially with so many choices out there. It happened to me too when I bought mine. It can be very confusing indeed.

I researched for so long before I grabbed my first rugged high quality e-bike, “see picture under”. Then I decided to write this post about my experience – The Electric Bike You Should Look For – and hope this will help you choose your right solid bike.What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints

 My First Bike in 1964

I was born with burning passion for bikes.  My Mom bought me my first Tricycle kid’s bike when I was 4 years old in 1964, I can never forget that day.  I was so glued to it, I skipped many meals without any feel of the slightest hunger in the first weeks of the bike.

It was the first and last bike until a few weeks ago when I decided to make my second move on a bike at the age of 58. It’s true, When you have a passion for something, it never fade away.

I bought the Addmotor Motan Electric Fat Tire Folding Bike – “see it below”, “so far so good”, I’m like a kid again, I take around for almost daily summer evening rides towards the beach, I only live a few blocks away from the Atlantic ocean In Long Island, New York.



My noisy neighbor Charlie took it around  a couple of times too and became so fond of the idea,  and now he is thinking of getting one. I hope he does and leave my bike alone.

This bike wasn’t really that cheap, I paid $1,499.00 for it. There is  more expensive and cheaper bikes out there — “In the bikes world”, you get what you pay for. This was my first bike after so many years,  and I wasn’t about to screw it up for a cheap sheep.


Addmotor Motan Electric Fat Tire 20Inch Bikes 500w 48v Snow Folding Bicycles


What Bike You Should Look For?

With so many different categories, brands, and different bikes of different purposes, you must come up exactly with what you want from your bike.

To make it clearer ,  look at some of the categories these bikes go under, this should give you deeper insight towards your target bike.

1- Hybrid Bikes –

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints

A hybrid bike is a bike that absorbs the best characteristics of both road and mountain bikes into a bike that is solid, comfortable and fast, and ideal for riding on streets and other bike paths. The bike also features Lighter rims for faster riding  and Lighter components and taller gearing for speed.

2-Fixed Gear bikes

What is a fixed gear bike?

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints


A fixed gear bike are bicycles with pedals directly attached to the motion of the cog with a chain. The cog is a circular tooth part where the chain and the pedals are attached.

3-Mountain Bikes

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints

What is a mountain bike?

Mountain bikes are ruggedly made for riding under more harsh conditions, They have a stouter, more upright frame that offer higher clearance to get over rocks, logs and through ruts, etc. They also can take a lot of stress and abuse and still provide the rider with comfort riding through rugged unforgiven  obstacles that you may encounter on the trail

4-Road Bikes

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints

road bike is suitable for riding on smooth pavement. It usually has skinny tires with a very light tread. Road bikes usually have handlebars that are designed for comfort in long rides, This may sacrifice a little of fine control that you’d get with a wider flat or riser bar.

5-Kids’ Bikes

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints

Bikes made for kids from 4 to 9 years old. Can you Remember the freedom, fun, and sense of accomplishment  your first bike triggered? Well, these days, kids can share that excitement too at an even earlier age with a massive collection of kids’ bikes and equipment.

From toddler-friendly walk bikes to pint-sized helmets, there is  everything kids need to enjoy an ultimate bike ride.

6-Dirt bikes

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints

A dirt bike is an off-road cycle built to be lightweight, rugged, fast, and nimble. Several models of dirt bikes are made for different purposes, from touring to racing and beyond. Size and function of a dirt bike depends not only on the type of riding being done, but also on the person riding the bike.

Dirt bikes feature knobby or semi-knobby tires, which have a tread tough enough to handle varied terrain from gravel to mud,  smooth dirt roads to snake twisty trails.

7-Electric Bikes

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints

What is an electric bike and how does it work?

Electric Bikes are a custom bicycle frame with pedals like your old fashion bike,  but include an electric motor, usually in the form of a hub, a mid-drive motor or belt drive connected to the rear wheel.

They allow you to either pedal the bike or leverage the power of a battery and motor drive system., I deal for easy fun,  those with some health issues or just being lazy but want the ride.

8-Tricycle bikes

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints

What is a tricycle bike?

A tricycle bike is a 3 wheel pedaling or electrically assisted bike, It’s made for comfort and stability. It is very safe to operate and  effective as an exerciser. In tricycles,  you never have to worry about easy flipping to either side.

Tricycle has been around for decades, and now that an electric motor is added to assist the rider when the biking get tougher, it is very suitable for those with disabilities. They can hop and go around for some fresh air or even buy groceries from nearby stores.

9- Motorcycles

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints

The most popular, you see them around every day. They are very fast, very noisy, stylish, powerful and run in price from hundreds to the tens of thousands of dollars.

10- Fitness bikes

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints

What is a fitness bike?

A fitness bike is widely defined as a  stationary bike. these bikes are styled like your old bicycles like urban, road, mountain, triathalon, etc. It is mostly used for the purpose of fitness at gems and homes alike. It is suitable for those who love to bike with safety at their homes or pro fitness gems. They can run a price tag from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

11- Cruiser bikes

DIOKO 20 inches Cruiser Folding Bike with basket Pistache - Ivory

What the hick is a cruiser bike?

A cruiser bike, Also known as the beach cruiser bike is a bicycle made for casual riding, especially on beaches and  surrounding shore areas. They are similar to hybrid bicycles and  mostly used for recreational purposes.

The Bike You Should Look For

A trustful source to buy from

It is very important you go to a trustful source to buy your bike, whether online or in store. Be patient,  Do your research and homework, read comparisons between bikes.  Make sure you get Free shipping,  make sure of a clear return policy. some Retailers may not accept returns for this type of merchandise, but rather fix your bike instead.

Just like with cars, you need to find a dependable way of getting parts and accessories to get your bike back alive if something goes wrong in the future. It is wise to buy extra warrantee, the longer the better.  You don’t have to worry about troubles down the line.

Amazon is a very good source of bikes and reputed for excellent customer service. In here you can search through the biggest bike collection anywhere in the world.


If you are new to bikes please take some lessons before jumping on top of your bike. Bikes are the most dangerous machines in the world, a bike accident is always dramatic. So think twice before you purchase any.  Ask yourself if you truly want a bike for you or your kid.

Never forget to wear your helmet, this could mean the difference in the world.

Hope this was of great help,  if you need any further assistance or want to add to this topic and help others, feel free to do o in the comment box below.

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Sam Ammouri

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints




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