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We all love to save, and in a tremendous way. Since Amazon started to get affiliated with almost every company out there to sell their stuff in Amazon, the competition became very hot among these companies all to your benefit.

So, in this essence, Amazon has turned to no more than a huge flea market that requires you to dig deeper once you’re shopping at Amazon’s site, because you’ll find many different sellers for the same product you’re looking for, under too many different prices, high & low.

So, I urge you to take a few more minutes to look up more prices and I assure you you’ll save hundred if not thousands of dollars if you are a frequent Amazon Patron.

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What Is The Cheapest Electric Bike For Adults And Kids- See My Best Pick

The Cheapest Electric Bike For Adults And Kids

What is the cheapest electric bike For Adults And Kids you may ask?,  We all love best deals on anything, if we can save a  few dollars from here & there,  it can add up to serious money that can be used somewhere else.  A saved money otherwise you could not have without taking a few more minutes to locate best deals.

You also want some quality to your good deal,  and to avoid collecting useless junk that may cost you more in fixing and maintaining costs in coming days.

You may have to work a little harder to find best deals for least price, this is not impossible to achieve if you are patient enough. All you need is some patience, some efforts, a cup of coffee and your laptop. Don’t be surprised, I saved thousand doing just that.


What is the cheapest electric bike ?

Again,  you need merchandise with good quality not just cheap junk and low prices. You don’t want to buy junk, the purpose here is to save money not to bring rubbish to your home. You better off not buying than bring headache and disappointments to yourself.

After tough research hours, I found a few trusted electric bike brands FOR BOTH KIDS AND ADULTS that are affordable and MADE RUGGED.

For Adults

Aceshin 26” Electric Mountain Bike


what is the cheapest electric bike For Adults And Kids

Price $615.99

The 5 star rated Aceshin 26” Electric Mountain Bike is my most recommended bike for the price. It is solid, rigged and have pleasant customer feed back with 5 star approval.

The E-Bike is made of 100% aluminum alloy frame, the front fork is made of high-strength carbon steel and packed with premium comfort shock absorption,  front and rear disc brakes and 21-speed transmission system.

Lithium Battery & Easy to Charge
Removable Lithium Battery equipped with smart lithium battery charger. Easy charge system need only 4-6 hours.

Ergonomic Design
Ergonomic hande bar, adjustable seat and RST, anti-slip and wear resistant. The bike’s lightweight and efficient design help to travel further and save energy. See more

For kids

InnoWin KingSports Pedals Power Assist 48″ x 26″ Foldable Electric Weekend Bike Bicycle

what is the cheapest electric bike For Adults And Kids

Price $299.99

This is A green, foldable electric bike designed for recreation, kids, school, and campus life. The bike is easy to fold and carry inside the car or trunk.

If you are a traveler and like to venture into the unknown places like me. This e-bike is perfect for your kid. It can go many places because it is compact. See more

don’t forget to wear your helmet and the future needs of bike parts and Accessories.

Hope this was of great help. If you need more help please write it in the box below. If you have any more helpful ideas please fell free to share it here too. Warmly appreciated.



Sam Ammouri

what is the cheapest electric bike For Adults And Kids

What Is The Bike You Should Look For ? My Ultimate Blueprints

The Bike You Should Look For

What is the bike you should look for With countless brands of them out there? We Love Bikes because they are a source of extreme fun, Now you decide to make your move and finally have you dream bike, but as you set out,  you find yourself in an ocean of different bikes and opinions, then confusion take over.

Don’t worry, this happens to most people, especially with so many choices out there. It happened to me too when I bought mine. It can be very confusing indeed.

I researched for so long before I grabbed my first rugged high quality e-bike, “see picture under”. Then I decided to write this post about my experience – The Electric Bike You Should Look For – and hope this will help you choose your right solid bike.What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints

 My First Bike in 1964

I was born with burning passion for bikes.  My Mom bought me my first Tricycle kid’s bike when I was 4 years old in 1964, I can never forget that day.  I was so glued to it, I skipped many meals without any feel of the slightest hunger in the first weeks of the bike.

It was the first and last bike until a few weeks ago when I decided to make my second move on a bike at the age of 58. It’s true, When you have a passion for something, it never fade away.

I bought the Addmotor Motan Electric Fat Tire Folding Bike – “see it below”, “so far so good”, I’m like a kid again, I take around for almost daily summer evening rides towards the beach, I only live a few blocks away from the Atlantic ocean In Long Island, New York.



My noisy neighbor Charlie took it around  a couple of times too and became so fond of the idea,  and now he is thinking of getting one. I hope he does and leave my bike alone.

This bike wasn’t really that cheap, I paid $1,499.00 for it. There is  more expensive and cheaper bikes out there — “In the bikes world”, you get what you pay for. This was my first bike after so many years,  and I wasn’t about to screw it up for a cheap sheep.


Addmotor Motan Electric Fat Tire 20Inch Bikes 500w 48v Snow Folding Bicycles


What Bike You Should Look For?

With so many different categories, brands, and different bikes of different purposes, you must come up exactly with what you want from your bike.

To make it clearer ,  look at some of the categories these bikes go under, this should give you deeper insight towards your target bike.

1- Hybrid Bikes –

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints

A hybrid bike is a bike that absorbs the best characteristics of both road and mountain bikes into a bike that is solid, comfortable and fast, and ideal for riding on streets and other bike paths. The bike also features Lighter rims for faster riding  and Lighter components and taller gearing for speed.

2-Fixed Gear bikes

What is a fixed gear bike?

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints


A fixed gear bike are bicycles with pedals directly attached to the motion of the cog with a chain. The cog is a circular tooth part where the chain and the pedals are attached.

3-Mountain Bikes

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints

What is a mountain bike?

Mountain bikes are ruggedly made for riding under more harsh conditions, They have a stouter, more upright frame that offer higher clearance to get over rocks, logs and through ruts, etc. They also can take a lot of stress and abuse and still provide the rider with comfort riding through rugged unforgiven  obstacles that you may encounter on the trail

4-Road Bikes

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints

road bike is suitable for riding on smooth pavement. It usually has skinny tires with a very light tread. Road bikes usually have handlebars that are designed for comfort in long rides, This may sacrifice a little of fine control that you’d get with a wider flat or riser bar.

5-Kids’ Bikes

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints

Bikes made for kids from 4 to 9 years old. Can you Remember the freedom, fun, and sense of accomplishment  your first bike triggered? Well, these days, kids can share that excitement too at an even earlier age with a massive collection of kids’ bikes and equipment.

From toddler-friendly walk bikes to pint-sized helmets, there is  everything kids need to enjoy an ultimate bike ride.

6-Dirt bikes

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints

A dirt bike is an off-road cycle built to be lightweight, rugged, fast, and nimble. Several models of dirt bikes are made for different purposes, from touring to racing and beyond. Size and function of a dirt bike depends not only on the type of riding being done, but also on the person riding the bike.

Dirt bikes feature knobby or semi-knobby tires, which have a tread tough enough to handle varied terrain from gravel to mud,  smooth dirt roads to snake twisty trails.

7-Electric Bikes

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints

What is an electric bike and how does it work?

Electric Bikes are a custom bicycle frame with pedals like your old fashion bike,  but include an electric motor, usually in the form of a hub, a mid-drive motor or belt drive connected to the rear wheel.

They allow you to either pedal the bike or leverage the power of a battery and motor drive system., I deal for easy fun,  those with some health issues or just being lazy but want the ride.

8-Tricycle bikes

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints

What is a tricycle bike?

A tricycle bike is a 3 wheel pedaling or electrically assisted bike, It’s made for comfort and stability. It is very safe to operate and  effective as an exerciser. In tricycles,  you never have to worry about easy flipping to either side.

Tricycle has been around for decades, and now that an electric motor is added to assist the rider when the biking get tougher, it is very suitable for those with disabilities. They can hop and go around for some fresh air or even buy groceries from nearby stores.

9- Motorcycles

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints

The most popular, you see them around every day. They are very fast, very noisy, stylish, powerful and run in price from hundreds to the tens of thousands of dollars.

10- Fitness bikes

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints

What is a fitness bike?

A fitness bike is widely defined as a  stationary bike. these bikes are styled like your old bicycles like urban, road, mountain, triathalon, etc. It is mostly used for the purpose of fitness at gems and homes alike. It is suitable for those who love to bike with safety at their homes or pro fitness gems. They can run a price tag from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

11- Cruiser bikes

DIOKO 20 inches Cruiser Folding Bike with basket Pistache - Ivory

What the hick is a cruiser bike?

A cruiser bike, Also known as the beach cruiser bike is a bicycle made for casual riding, especially on beaches and  surrounding shore areas. They are similar to hybrid bicycles and  mostly used for recreational purposes.

The Bike You Should Look For

A trustful source to buy from

It is very important you go to a trustful source to buy your bike, whether online or in store. Be patient,  Do your research and homework, read comparisons between bikes.  Make sure you get Free shipping,  make sure of a clear return policy. some Retailers may not accept returns for this type of merchandise, but rather fix your bike instead.

Just like with cars, you need to find a dependable way of getting parts and accessories to get your bike back alive if something goes wrong in the future. It is wise to buy extra warrantee, the longer the better.  You don’t have to worry about troubles down the line.

Amazon is a very good source of bikes and reputed for excellent customer service. In here you can search through the biggest bike collection anywhere in the world.


If you are new to bikes please take some lessons before jumping on top of your bike. Bikes are the most dangerous machines in the world, a bike accident is always dramatic. So think twice before you purchase any.  Ask yourself if you truly want a bike for you or your kid.

Never forget to wear your helmet, this could mean the difference in the world.

Hope this was of great help,  if you need any further assistance or want to add to this topic and help others, feel free to do o in the comment box below.

See My Top 10 Electric Bikes & Guide


Sam Ammouri

What Is The Bike You Should Look For - My Ultimate Blueprints




Exercise Bikes on Sale ? – Where And How to Find deals and discounts

Exercise Bikes on Sale- Finding deals and discounts

While most retailers would warmly welcome emptying their dull inventories, they still make it very elusive for consumers to find their clearance corners. Why so? because they rather sell you something they make money on than selling you something that makes them no money.

Exercise Bikes on Sale - Where And How to Find deals and discounts

Yes,  they’d love to see these items disappear one way or another, but they take their time and they’re  in no rush,  thinking something may change or a miracle might happen.

For instance,  Amazon is one of the best retailers for good deal and clearance, but if you search their website from within Amazon, you find it hard to get to their top deals. 9 out of 10 Their site sale searches will lead you to regular price merchandise.

You may have to Google THE SEARCH to get to the right sale pages at amazon.

Finding Exercise Bikes on Sale


Again there is no better place than Amazon for good deals and excellent customer service. Sometimes you make have to put a little extra efforts and some patience, and it pays off at the end, you might find yourself saving hundreds if not thousands in the long run.

Here is some links for Amazon tremendous Clearance deals, sometimes at fraction of the original retai price.

For instance, this Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709 was priced at

Original List Price $199.99 
Price After clearance: $139.00 = & $29 FREE Shipping.
You Saved: $89.99 (30%)

See the links below for Endless savings in all warehouse clearance and liquidation sections.


Book mark this page, I’ll be adding more clearance deals from amazon and any other trustful source I find. Happy shopping and savings…. Keep smiling


Hope this was of great help to you, if you have any further question or like to add something to this topic please do so in the comment box below, you are fully appreciated.



Sam Ammouri

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BMX Bikes Full Details – Review – How to Get Free Assembly

BMX Bikes Details – Find Free Assembly

BMX bikes are meticulously made so you or your kids can jump, sprint, and race to the world of ultimate pleasure and joy. You and your Kids alike can enjoy a rigorous bike race in the dirt running over rough pockets and ramps to catch some fresh air. What a great way for riders of all ages and sizes to get exercise while enjoing the outdoors.

What sets the BMX bike apart from other bicycles, such as Mountain Bikes Is the fact that bikes  built for BMX generally feature stronger, more rugged frames designed to withstand the rough courses and jumps associated with BMX.

Redline Bikes MX24 BMX Race Cruiser

Redline Bikes MX24 BMX Race Cruiser

These bikes also are usually built with no suspension system, giving you the ultimate power and thrust as you maneuver over obstacles and harsh terrain.

BMX Bikes are made light

There are huge variety of BMX bikes for different courses and riders. Racing BMX bikes are made light , so you can speed down the dirt and street courses more efficient. They also come with narrower wheels for tight twists. Top BMX bikes are made by manufacturers such as  Diamond Back, Kink, DK, Mongoose,  and other reputed companies

Top line freestyle BMX bikes are built for tricks and jumps instead of racing, so they’re tougher and more robust , arming these bikes with the ability to withstand the impact of a landing after catching air on a ramp or half pipe. Many BMX bikes even come with SPECIAL DESIGN so that a rider can spin handlebars and frame around without endangering any brake lines.VICTGOAL Bike Helmet with Detachable Visor Back Light & Insect Net Padded Adjustable Sport Cycling Helmet Lightweight Bicycle Helmets for Adult Men and Women Youth Teenagers

Not forget to mention of the importance that you stock up on all the essential Cycling gear like Bike Helmets and protective gear. Bike Accessories like the easy to install and recharge Blitzu lights – offering visibility at the front and rear end of the bike.

Training in the offseason or warming up pre-race?

Bike accommodating companies like Amazon offer a variety of Bike Trainers from brands like Kinetic, Sportneer, and Cycle Ops.

And when you’re ready call it a day and to stow your bike for the drive back home, Amazon have a wide selection of Bike Racks from top pro brands like Yakima who offer a safe and sturdy ride whether you’re looking to hitch your bike to your trunk or mount it on the rooftop.

A very genus way to nail down a good BMX bike deal is shopping by price. This method is very effective in enabling you to pinpoint the most affordable options first, this could save time and money in your search for the perfect machine.

When you aim for a new bike, or bike part quickly, Amazon offers a wide variety of expedited shipping options so you can get your package delivered right on time.Ttake advantage of their ( Cycling ) store’s Ship-to-Store program ). This program allows you to pick up your bike at a local participating bike shop, where they will assemble it for free.



I’ve not seen such free helpful program elsewhere. And remember that some bikes are not that easy to assemble. So, here you go, a could be difficult task is done free for you.


I hope this post is of great help to you,  if you need me for any further assistance please or you want to add to this topic, please feel free doing so in the comment box below.


Also see my top 10 electric bikes here



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Road Bikes And Mountain bikes, Kids Bikes – Buying Tips And Fit Guide

Road Bikes, Mountain bikes, Kids Bikes  Buying Tips And Fit Guide

Road Bikes

Road or racing bikes are designed for speed and distance with light strong frames mostly made of aluminum. The also have drop handlebars, and narrow, high-pressure tires. The Road Bikes And Mountain bikes, Kids Bikes - Buying Tips And Fit Guidespeed, distance, and efficiency of road bikes come with a price.  Road bikes are not made for tough tasks like rocky trails or sloppy dirt roads,  and are not as rugged or durable as mountain bikes.

If you’re a seasoned rider, want speedy traveling long distances, and want to use cycling as an exercise, a road bike is the choice.

Road Bikes Sizing tips:

Measure your inseam. Find your height and inseam in our chart. If you are in between sizes, size down for a more comfortable ride.

Mountain Bikes

If you’re of those who like to get dirty and ride the rough trails, you’re going to want the beefed-up suspension and sturdy tires of mountain bikes.

Designed for riding off-road and over rugged terrains, mountain bikes have strong, durable frames and wheels, powerful brakes, low gears for hill climbing and descending, and upright handlebars.

Mountain bikes have either a front or a full dual-suspension built for absorbing trail shocks.

Front Suspension

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned mountain biker, a front suspension mountain bike is a good choice. You can ride it on dirt roads and easy trails, but also on bike paths and paved trails.

Mountain bikes ensure the comfort and smooth ride of the front suspension but your bike won’t be too bulky for casual riding.

Mountain bikes types

There are five different types of mountain Bikes

  1. Cross Country. The most popular aspect of mountain biking is cross country rides.
  2. All Mountain. If you’re looking for some serious action, all mountain biking is the way.
  3. Downhill. The goal of downhill riding is seeking ultimate speeds.
  4. Freeride.
  5. Cross Country Bikes.



Full Suspension

If you’re a seasoned rider who likes to climb up steep hills and rough trails and take mountain bike ventures through the back country, a full-suspension mountain bike should be the choice.

You’ll enjoy from the sturdiness and reliability of a full-suspension bike system as you come blazing down rocky tracks.


Sizing guide:

Measure your inseam. Find your height and inseam in the above chart. If you stand in between sizes, one size down for a more comfortable ride.

Kids Bikes

Kids Bikes are Built small and designed for beginners. They come in a stray of models and sizes but are most often styled after BMX or mountain bikes. These bikes also are sized according to the wheel size of the bike and kid’s age.Road Bikes And Mountain bikes, Kids Bikes - Buying Tips And Fit Guide

Balance bikes, also called push bikes, are designed for 1 to 4 year old kids who are just being introduced to bike riding.

Push bikes don’t have pedals, rather, the kid  straddles the bike, steers bike with the handlebars, and walks to get familiar with the  bike.

Next step up is a basic entry level bike with removable training wheels.

After a child becomes comfortable with training wheels, she/he can switch to bigger bikes with 6 or 21 gears and start shifting and using handbrakes.

Kids’ bikes are designed as to pave the way through more advanced young adult biking.

How and where to find a good Kids Bike?

There is a huge Varieties of kids bikes out there which can making very confusing to purchase the right kids bike.

many large retail companies like Amazon and ebay came up with genus ways to leads a buyer straight to an easy good choice by labeling their bikes into easy to follow choice of category like you see below…

  • Top rated kids bikes
  • Hot new releases
  • Best sellers kids bikes
  • Most gifted
  • Most wished for kids bike

See example page here


Riding bikes is one of the most dangerous sport on earth. All it takes is one wrong move. Therefore, please wear a good quality helmets whenever you mount your bike, This could make all the difference in the world.

I hope this post was of a great help to you,  if you need any further assistance or you want to add more to this topic and help others, please write your thoughts in the box below.



Sam Ammouri

Road Bikes And Mountain bikes, Kids Bikes - Buying Tips And Fit Guide,

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The Most Popular Razor Electric Bike For Adults- Boys And Kids

What Are The Most Popular Razor Electric Bikes ?

Little about Razor & Most Popular Razor Electric Bikes For Adults- Boys And Kids.

Razor has been the worldwide leader in scooters since the year 2000, when they made the kick scooter a global phenomenon.  Since 2000, they’ve sold a whopping 35 million scooters, including 15 million electric scooters, to become the global experts in scooter innovation.

They’ve worked hard to become a global brand and a trusted industry leader, but the truth is – they do it because they love it.  And they want you to love it, too.

As they grow, they’ve designed their products to grow for a long run.  Now they can pretty much guarantee your family will be stepping away from their screens, getting out into the fresh air, and bonding together in new and unexpected ways.

And what could be better than that?  Now get out there! Soak the pleasure.

Razor has 3 bike categories

  • Adults Bikes
  • Teens Bikes
  • Boys Bikes

Razor bikes for adults – Best Choice

The top Razor adult bike – Razor MX650 Electric Dirt Rocket Motor Bikes for Teens 16+ (2 Pack) + Helmets  – carry a price tag but more than worth it if a rugged & tough bike is what you are after

Price – $1,123

See full information

The Most Popular Razor Electric Bikes

Razor MX650 Electric Dirt Rocket Motor Bikes for Teens 16+ (2 Pack) + Helmets

Bikes main Features

Hit the dirt with 2 black Razor MX650 dirt bikes and 2 black Razor V17 youth sport helmets

  • MX650’s sturdy frame built to fit older riders ages 16 years old and older who weigh under 220 pounds
  • Reaches speeds up to 17 miles per hour
  • Travels 40 minutes of continuous use on a full charge and comes with a battery charger
  • Helmet meets CPSC safety standards and fits head sizes 22 to 23.5 inches in circumference

See more Razor for adults here

Razor bikes for teens – Best Choice


The Most Popular Razor Electric Bikes

Moto Tec 24v Electric Dirt Bike 500w

Bike main features

  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Battery: TWO 12v 12ah (24v total)
  • Speeds: 5, 10, 16 MPH (3 speeds, selectable with key lock)
  • Suspension: 2 Front shocks, 1 Rear shock
  • Charging Time: 4-6 hours
  • Brakes: Front and rear disc

Price – $429

See full information here

See more Razor bikes for boys here

Razor bikes for kids – Best Choice

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike for kids


Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike for kids

Bike main features

Scaled-down electric motocross bike with powerful 500-watt electric motor

  •   speeds of up to 15 mph; authentic dirt bike frame geometry
  • Dual suspension and riser handlebars deliver smooth, comfortable ride
  • Large pneumatic knobby tires for maximum power transfer; retractable kickstand
  • Recommended for ages 14 and older (175-pound weight limit); 90-day warranty

Price – $449

See full information

See bikes for kids 6 to 12 year old here


Hope this was of a great help to you,  if you need any further assistance or have anything in mind about this please leave your thoughts in the comment box below.



Sam Ammouri

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20 Best Electric Bikes & Best Seller Electric Bikes Of All Times

20 Best electric bikes & the best sellers In Market

examining Best seller electric bikes charts at websites can be very effective tool for consumers to flush out the best electric bikes or other best seller items online. Large e-commerce companies like Amazon,  E-bay and others show their best sellers to help confused customers pick a quality item.

Companies decide best seller product by the volume of sales that went through without returns,  they call sales without return a positive sales. Then they compare each item’s positive sales with other item’s positive sales under of the same category and the difference in numbers tells who was the winner.

Lets make it more clear

Lets say bike (A) sales were 400 pieces this month, and the positive sales  200, that means 200 pieces were returned.

Bike (B) sales were 800, this month and the positive sales is 100 pieces, which means 700  pieces were returned.

The winner in this situation is not Item B with the higher sales, its item A who sold less but has better positive sales.

So, it’s not the sheer high volume of sales decides the best seller, its the number of positive sales who does so.

Yes, I do recommend you implement best sellers strategy to get a better merchandise, and now you know why.

20 of the best Electric Bikes Around



NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bicycle Super Stable 500W/350W/300W Brushless Motor 3 Working Mode 48V Removable High Capacity Waterproof Lithium Battery
$999.00 – $1,499.99

BENELLI Electric Bike CITY ZERO N2.0 STD 20 Inch Foldable 250W 2018 New for Trunk Subway Bus Office Home with 36V 6.6Ah SAMSUNG Lithium-ion Battery
$799.00 – $999.00

NEW! DJ Folding Bike 750W 48V 13Ah Power Electric Bicycle, Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery, 7 Speed, Pearl White, LED Bike Light, Suspension Fork And Shimano Gear

NAKTO 350W Electric Bicycle Mountain E-Bike SHIMANO 6 Speed Gear with Smart Multi Function LED Anti-Light Digital Dashboard,Removable and Waterproof Builtin 36V 10A Lithium Battery

Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bicycle Step Thru Comfort Fitness Bike 26 Inch Fat Tire Full Suspension 500W Motor Mountain Electric Bike 2018 M-450 Commuter E-Bike

Cyclamatic CX3 Pro Power Plus Alloy Frame eBike Gray/Blue

ProdecoTech Phantom 400 Monoshock V6 Bicycle, 18"/One Size, Matte Black

X-Treme Scooters Malibu ELITE Step Through Beach Cruiser eBike, Long Range Electric Bike

LANKELEISI XT750PLUS1000 26x4.0 Inch Fat Tire Folding Electric Bicycle Shimano 27 Speed Full Suspension Snow Mountain Beach E-bike 1000W Motor,48V 10Ah Lithium Battery,Dual Hydraulic Disc Brake

from $1,989.00

See full information


Haibike 2017 XDURO FullLife 5.0 eMTB Full Suspension Electric Bike White

Goplus 26inch Electric Mountain Bicycle EBike Speed with Removable Lithium Battery 350W 36V Black

Enzo Ebike 2018 Folding Electric Bicycle - 7 Speed Full Electronic Throttle or Variable Assist

Newport Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle - Red by X-treme Bike

Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket 24V Electric Toy Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike
$309.99 – $339.99

Razor MX650 17 MPH Steel Electric Dirt Rocket Motor Bike for Kids

NHT Electric Bikes/Bicycle Foldable Bike Fat Tire Electric Bicycle Lithium Battery Platinum E-Bike
$429.00 – $449.00
Cyrusher Fat Tire Electric Bike 1000W Snow E-Bike Beach Cruiser 48 volt Men Women Dual Suspension XF800 Off Road Mountain e-Bike Pedal Assist, Lithium Battery Hydraulic, Disc Brakes Shimano 7 Speeds

As I mentioned above, I will be making detailed reviews of every item here.  Please bookmark this page for easy come back.
If you need any further help or want to add any information to help , this will be warmly welcomed.  Please use the comment box below.


Sam Ammouri

Author –

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Best Electric Bike Sale – Based On Sales – Professional Reviews – Customer feeds back

Best Electric Bike Sale – Based On Sales – Professional Reviews & Customer feeds back

We All love to place our hands on the best merchandise we look for,  and in this case, It is best electric bike sales. You look everywhere, You read reviews, you ask people, you explore the internet, but yet, you come back more confused than ever before.

Then, what is the solution you may ask? There must be away to flush out the best merchandise from the lousy ones & hopefully without making a deep hole in my wallet.

There are 3 ways I’ve been following for many years to get the best merchandise online without having to be in a store to touch or feel this merchandise. We all know the best way to come back home with the perfect item is to visit a nearby store, then touch, feel, or even try the item right on the spot. But sadly, the best deals are online not in a store.

Here are the most 3 effective ways to get the best electric bike sales, this applies to anything you buy online. Just follow my advice and shall never go wrong.


1- Best Electric Bike Sale – Based On Sales


Finding your top quality electric bike and sale based on the quantity and high volume sales is a proof people are satisfied with the item.  Just like you would react when you go out to eat,, your natural instincts tells you to eat in a busy place with cars parked all over, and to avoid dinning at one with an empty parking lot, and  may be You are the only one in the place.Best Electric Bike Sale - Based On Sales - Professional Reviews - Customer feeds back

Now You got the clear picture, the same rule applies when buying merchandise. You don’t buy something others are not buying except if this is due to very high price tag. Even items who are so expensive don’t mean quality, in some cases they are worse than the cheapest items in quality. Again, just see what people are buying and praising.

2-Best Electric Bike Sale- Based on Customer’s feeds back


This a very effective way if not the best way to tell the good from the bad & the ugly. This way you’ll hear it all from the horse mouth. Many customers who bought such items satisfied or dissatisfied alike tend to write something about the product, describing their experience and satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the item. and they may even suggest things the manufacturer can do to improve the item.Best Electric Bike Sale - Based On Sales - Professional Reviews - Customer feeds back

Often times,  they’ll take the extra time to write every single detail about an item, what they liked or disliked.

You take all this information in, analyze it accordingly & carefully especially if this item is a machine like a bike and so on, or an electronic device like computers, cameras, cell phones. Etc… before you purchase, and at the end of the day, you’ll be happy & free of mistakes and disappointments.

Amazon, E-bay and other large companies facilitates customer feed backs and sale volumes statistic very well. Amazon even have a special page like this for every category.  You can visit Amazon here for this “Electric Bikes based on sale” page for an example. In here You’ll find a selection of the most popular and purchased bikes with tremendous customer feed backs.

3-Best Electric Bike Sale- Based on professional Reviews


In this case,  professional reviewers look deeply at an item using many different methods.  But With so many reviewers out there,  you have to have a source that you trust, why?  because most reviewers are affiliated with the companies who sell or manufacture these items,  and the reviews they make are rather sales letters than honest reviews.

I’m not trying to demonize anyone, but you have to be more vigilant and realize when reading a sales letter instead of a review.Best Electric Bike Sale - Based On Sales - Professional Reviews - Customer feeds back

Very recently I purchased my first e-bike  I read all the information available based on the best 3 ways to find the right merchandise online I wrote above. And In doing so,  I managed to get one of the most solid & exciting top notch electric bikes you can ever imagine. see it here. 

Also See my review here  on ( Top 10 electric bikes).

Hope this will be your guide and help in your future purchases, If you have something to add that can further help readers to have the perfect purchase (Best Electric Bike Sale ) I appreciate you write it in the comment box below


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Top Ten Electric Bikes Around – See My Review

What Are The Top Ten Electric Bikes Around ?

I selected My Top Ten electric Bikes around after hundreds of hours of research, reading other reviews and going through countless customer feed backs from those who bought and experienced these bikes.

Of course, as in anything, not everyone will be totally satisfied with a product, but the overall positive feed back on these selected bikes outweighed the negative part of the experience.

To the best of my knowledge, I found the bikes I selected ( See below) To have the most positive feed backs from those who bought it. Feeds back is the best source of information you may get on a product before a purchase.

For now you can look up these selected bikes at or ebay or trusted others of your choice. Always take your time, read information, reviews, look at warrantees and guarantees, prices, don’t rush, and at the end of the day you’ll find yourself with the right merchandise and will ride around with a nice smile.


Electric bicycles, Short as e-bikes, are bikes equipped with an electric motor which can propel the machine. Their batteries can be recharged, so there is little “fuel” consumption here.

E-BIKES are great for those with poor health, need assistance climbing hills, or can well be an alternative to a motorcycle or car for your stress free daily commute.

They are massively used in activities such as cargo hauling,  cruising, trail rides, mountain biking, downhill biking, easy transportation, road biking, snow & sand ( Don’t forget a fat tire) riding, short distance traveling and efficient very economical urban commuting. The question here is what are you going to do with your e-bike?Top Ten Electric Bikes Around - See My Review

When Purchasing

If you’re interested in purchasing one, then make sure to read most my articles about e bikes specially this complete buying guide.

In this I  will explain the benefits of riding an electric bike, what to consider when purchasing one, and reviews to choose from the most recommended electric bike around. Some of the bikes are very expensive so its more than worth it to spend a few minutes to read this guide.

Benefits of E-Bikes

E-bikes offer a wide range of benefits, from commuting to health to quality of life advantages.

For Commuting

What I love about e-bikes, as opposed to a traditional one, is that you won’t get to work out of breath and sweaty. You pretty much can place them anywhere, so you won’t spend time looking for a parking spot or paying for city parking or summons.

You can also breeze through static traffic, and the expenses for your daily commute is laughable if compared with a car.

2. Your precious Health

For those who are not doing their routine exercise, having an electric bike is a blessing and another step forward to becoming more active. You’ll be burning calories and getting a good cardiovascular workout. And You’ll spend more time outdoors breathing in the badly needed fresh air specially for those who live in congested big cities, and your commute will be less stressful I assure.

3. A brand new Lifestyle

This is what I love the most in e-bikes, you don’t have to worry about being too tired to pedal to your end point. Spend the day exploring very smoothly. The e-bike can also climb hills with minimal effort. They can also help you keep beat the ones who previously left you behind while cycling.

Important Things You Should Consider Before an E-Bike Purchase


If you made up your mind for purchasing an electric bike, and Before going online and grabbing the first one you see, read what I see below for everything you need to consider before you make the venture

Pedelec e-bikes

These bikes are very common and refer to the type of system that monitors the pedaling and adds a certain amount of motor assistance as needed. Twist & go bikes engage the assistance sensors when the rider manually triggers react.

A hub assist

In here bike’s motor is mounted on one of the wheels. They can be very quiet.

A crank assist

With this the motor is mounted on the crank and pedal areas. They climb steep hills better than the hub assist but are noisier and can carry a nice price tag.


The distance an e-bike will go on one charge of the battery is called range. It’s probably the most important element of any bike you buy. If your commute is going uphill, for example, you don’t want to run out of power halfway up.

Without enough power, an e-bike is just a bulk object. The bike range depends on the battery capacity, the speed, your weight, the kind of assistance level you choose in your bike and the percentage of given pedaling power.

If you’re only going to do 8 or ten miles of daily commuting, you don’t need a 5o mile range bike. Even though, I do recommend you buy a bike with a higher range than you might need because the range will drop as the battery start deteriorating by time and loses it’s punch.

The Cost

good e-bike is never cheap,  You may pick up a cheap basic model, but what is the level of your satisfaction here? An average e-bike with a quality frame, top notch brakes, suspension and other quality parts can be very expensive.

It is true we get what we pay for, if you can afford it, hey, go for it, you’ll get a dependable bike that ride with smooth and quality and can last you for years.

The wright Cycology

Bikes in general are very dangerous, one little mistake can lead to a disaster, if you are new to bikes make sure that you truly want this with and this is your own choice, not forced upon you by circumstances. Bikes aren’t as safe as your car is, they are a totally different dangerous game.


There is a few type of e-bike batteries (lithium ion vs. nickel metal hydride). The Lithium-ion batteries are lighter, but nickel metal hydride are less expensive and can last a lot longer.

Top Ten Electric Bikes


There is always a constant improvements operation almost monthly at manufacturer’s warehouses. some model may not look the same as in this image, they may even look better.

The E-Glide SS Electric Bicycle 

This e-bike is composed of high quality aluminum frame which makes it light in weight, but yet very tough and long lasting.  The drop down frame feature of the bike ensures the advantages of a standard frame, but the seat will be two inches shorter.

This concept is very convenient for short bikers and adds more comfort and pleasure to their ride. The dropped down tube design allows easy mounting on the ride and ensures a smooth trip. While The frame hence is a pleasure for reliability & stability .


E-Glide SS Electric Bicycle


Top Ten Electric Bikes Around - See My Review

Bike Best features at Glance

  • Maximum Speed: 20 MPH
  • Range: NO Pedal Assist: 20 Miles/Pedal Assist up to 50 Miles
  • Weight: 39 lb
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum
  • Controller & Sensor: Sine Wave Controller 12 Magnet Speed Sensor

Top Ten Electric Bikes

The Prodeco Outlaw SS V4 28MPH

ProdecoTech Outlaw SS v4 48v 750W Electric Mountain Bicycle

This stunning E bike one of the first muscle e-bikes on the market, and this thing has some power to pay attention to.This Orange Metallic version of the Outlaw Series carries a top speed of 28 mph, that takes the mountain biking to a whole new level.

Boosted with a 750-watt, rear direct-drive hub motor, that delivers 1200 watts, and with a range of up to 40 miles per charge, this e-bike will take you anywhere you wish with speed and comfort. The Hydraulic disc brakes bring this bad boy to an ultimate halt.


Top Ten Electric Bikes Around - See My Review

Bikes main features at Glance

  • Burnt Orange Rigid Aluminum 26” Frame
  • Double Crown Magnesium 140mm Fork Thumb Throttle
  • Avid Elixir 5 Hydraulic Disc Brakes and Avid 200mm HS1 Rotors Avid Elixir 5 Brake Lever
  • Continental Trail King 26 x 2.4 Tires and Triple Box Wide 32mm Rims
  • SRAM X9 Twist 8 Speed Shifter
  • SRAM X9 8 Speed Mid Derailleur SRAM S600 42Tx170 PS Crankset Gyes Black Leather Saddle
  • 51.2V 12Ah LiFePO4 32 Cell Battery
  • Rear Direct Drive 48V 750W 28MPH Motor 17-20 Mile Distance 64 lbs

Top Ten Electric Bikes

Cyclamatic CX4 Pro Dual Suspension Foldaway

Top Ten Electric Bikes Around - See My Review

This e-bike is amazingly full of features and positive feed backs from buyers.

Here is some of its Top features

Easy to fold

And Ideal for travelling holidays and those with minimal storage space, the e-bike folds quickly and easily into an incredibly tight space.

Incredible performance

Fitted with a 250w brushless motor the foldable bike will easily assist you to travel at the 15mph road speed limit. Safe to ride in the rain

Heavy duty battery


  • 24 volts and 10Amp,
  • 4-6 hours for full recharge
  • Fully sealed battery,  means safe for use in rainy days
  • Max distance:  18.5-25miles,
  • Max Speed: 15.5 mph
  • Assist mode: 5-assistance level

Top Ten Electric Bikes

ProdecoTech Phantom X2 v5 Folding Electric Bicycle

Top Ten Electric Bikes Around - See My Review


This 5 star rated bad boy is a must come home if you are truly looking for the top notch e-bike. Very positive feed back from customers, it may carry a price tag, but sometimes we may have to pay to get the best. If you can afford the price of this beast, then you are on top of the game.

Bike Top features

  • 30 Mile range at up to 20 MPH with motor assist
  • Front & Rear Avid DB Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Rear Direct Drive 36V 500W Motor.
  • SRAM X7 Twist 8 Speed Shifter
  • Safe castle Water Bottle manufactured from 18/8 food grade stainless steel,
  • Made from BPA-free plastic with neutral silicon seal, and 
  • easy clip carabiner for portability
  • Top Quality All Over
  • 2 year Warranty

Top Ten Electric Bikes

Yukon Trails Xplorer Sport Hybrid Electric Bike


Top Ten Electric Bikes Around - See My Review


Being Economical, practical and stylish, the versatile Xplorer 7-Speed Sport/Hybrid Electric Bike is all you need to have the convenience of running your errands or simply enjoying a nice scenic ride to enjoy the great fresh air and outdoor pleasure.

This one of the kind bike allows you to save time, money and provides the perfect alternative to transportation. This bike is powered by a removable Lithium–Ion battery pack.

The so easy removable battery pack provides the convenience of carrying the battery indoors for charging.

The bike has a 7 speed Shimano shifter, a controller with a speed sensor for pedal-assisted system. There are even rear and front Tektro V-brakes that enable riders to stay in control at all times.

It also can go approximately 25 miles on a single charge. However, you should keep in mind that this depends on the size of the rider and terrain conditions.

Top Ten Electric Bikes

X-Treme Scooters Men’s Lithium Electric Powered Mountain Bike  

The X-Treme Scooters Lithium Powered Mountain Bike provides Equipped with lightweight lithium battery technology, the Lithium Powered Bicycle can travel for up to 25 miles per charge and goes 20 miles per hour.

With high-quality mountain bike components, the bike is set up for traditional riding as well as ELECTRIC motor assistance.

Top Ten Electric Bikes Around - See My Review
The Trail Maker is a lithium battery powered electric bicycle, running on a 300 watt rear hub motor

Made with all top of the line components this model includes a 7 speed shimano tourney gears and shifter system

7 lightweight lithium-ion batteries, a 100 percent aluminum alloy frame, fully adjustable seat, and an RST Capa T7 front fork

Top Ten Electric Bikes

       Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike- CAMO


Top Ten Electric Bikes Around - See My Review

This ebike won’t be in everyone’s price range, but the serious enthusiast will have a hard time finding one that is faster, more durable, or better looking.

The Pros
  • An attention grabber with its handsome throw-back looks and whitewall tires.
  • Can go up to 35 mph
  •   a lot of fun to ride.
  • Excellent quality
  • and a whopping 350W motor.
The Cons
  • Charge time is at least 4 hours.
  • Bike is heavy
  • It is Expensive

Top Ten Electric Bikes

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross BLUE

Top Ten Electric Bikes Around - See My Review

This is an affordable, sporty choice that’s perfect for beginning motocross enthusiasts who weigh less than 140 lbs. It is super quite with top speed up to 14 miles per hour.

Pros of this bike
  •  built for motocross
  • features knobby tires that can handle most dirt mounds.
  • Can get up to 30 minutes per charge.
  • Easy to assemble.
The Cons
  • Bike Only accommodates up to 140 lbs.
  • Some riders may find it underpowered.

Top Ten Electric Bikes Around

SWAGTRON SwagCycle E-Bike – Folding Electric Bicycle with 10 Mile Range, Collapsible Frame, and Handlebar Display

Top Ten Electric Bikes Around - See My Review

The SWAGTRON SwagCycle  is very affordable and great for short trips around town and easy to store, too bad for some riders who feel this bike has some sluggish performance. Regardless, the bike is very popular among many people and earned good reputation.


Pros of this bike
  • An affordable bike,
  • Fits in any place
  • Very lightweight.
  • Space on the frame for a few accessory attachments.
The Cons
  • Riders get swung around due to limited suspension.
  • Riders over 200 lbs may slow the bike and get shorter distance

Top Ten Electric Bikes Around

The ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike

with 26 Inch Wheel, Large Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery (36V 250W), Premium Full Suspension and Shimano Gear

Top Ten Electric Bikes Around - See My Review
This e-bike is Equipped with the latest and most efficient electric charge, advanced lithium ion technology. Although it’s not your kind of powerhouse, this electric mountain bike is worth considering for those who want a low-key e-bike without a hole in the wallet.

Customers feel safe when riding the bike thanks to the anti-slip and wear thick resistant tires. Most customers also appreciate its modern profile design and durability of the battery making their riding enjoyable.

The Wheels are ultra-strong, anti-slip and wear resistant. The e-bike has 21-speed Shimano transmission design which makes it ideal for climbing. I’s LED headlamp and horn makes it possible for riders to use it even at night.

charging the lithium battery it a breeze and fast. The Large wheels allow you to ride in rough terrain comfortably,  and large capacity of the battery give riders the adventure to enjoy long distance biking. Plus It is Easy to fold and store


Pros Of This Bike
  • An affordable aluminum alloy ebike with a sturdy frame.
  • Ruggedly attractive mountain bike design and 21 speeds gear.
  • Has ultra-lightweight aluminum alloy frame that can be foldable
  • Large capacity battery 36V/8AH
  • Go up to 20 miles e-bike mode and 40 miles assisted mode
  • 21-speed Shimano transmission
  • Charge time is very short if compared with others- 4-6 hrs


The Cons
  • Only 250W of power,
  • I need more power

I hope this was of great help to you, remember you are precious so is your life. Bikes of all type can be very dangerous, wear your helmet, obey the law, don’t be were you shouldn’t with your bike.

If you have anything to add o to this or need any further assistance from me please do so using the comment box below, this will be very appreciated.

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Sam Ammouri


Top Ten Electric Bikes Around - See My Review

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