Electric Bikes with Pedal Assist & Throttle Assist

Electric Bikes with Pedal Assist-Throttle Assist

Electric Bike’s Pedal assist systems and hand throttles are both ways of controlling the speed of your e-bike. PAS’s usually works with a sensors mounted on the bottom bracket or the pedal crank arm that senses your pedal cadence  and like on a treadmill exerciser indicates to the controller that it’s time to accelerate.

While Hand throttles are more like your old fashion motorcycle throttles,  they are mounted on the handlebar and are operated by a twisting motion.

The most common type of pedal assist types houses a ring of magnets mounted on the pedal crank and a sensor fixed to the bottom bracket. As pedal cranks turn, the sensor starts reading the rate of pedaling. The faster the pedal cadence, the faster the controller will make the bike’s motor to spin.

Pedal Assist Systems (PAS) Vs Hand Throttles

ONWAY 26″ Snow & Beach Fat Tire Electric Bike, All Terrain Using with Pedal Assist and Throttle

Torque sensor pedal assist

The torque sensor is generally mounted on either the pedal crank or near the rear dropout and measures the amount of torque being applied during pedaling . The amount of torque being applied would match the amount of power needed at any stage of bicycle pedaling, including acceleration, straight riding or hill climbing.

Pedal Assist Systems (PAS) Vs Hand Throttles

Does This mean that a torque sensor PAS works much better than an old fashioned magnet sensor PAS?. Well,  The difference you’ll experience during riding is like black and white.

Not only will it make your bike feel a lot lighter on hills, it will make a nice deep hole in your wallet as well.

E-bike’s pedal assist advantages

This e-bike system is ideal for those with some disabilities but want their fair share of bike exercise and fresh air ride. For sure this system will help you doing so.

Or someone may be just lazy but want a bike ride like everyone else and without all the efforts, if so, this system should be your absolute pick. Or may be you want this system for safety and a piece of mind, what happens if someone get injured or sick during a ride. This system will bring you back home without a sweat.

It also can be a hobby and collection, the list can go on and on, your imagination is the limit,  the bottom line is that there is an optional help within you e-bike when you need it, this alone would make me feel secure and safe.

Not All can go wonderful


Pedal Assist Systems (PAS) Vs Hand Throttles


We all know from experience that man made machines will always carry some flaws no matter how perfect we try to make them. E-bikes are no exception, Some cyclist’s feed back reported pedal assist systems fail to operate smoothly, resulting in quick, jerking movements.

But the advantages of this system way outweighs the little flaws we hear from time to time,  what machine in the world is perfect?



So if you feel like you want to get some fresh air and exercise without all the efforts, a pedal assist system is likely a good choice for you. If you want to use your e-bike like a motorcycle for some thrill-riding,  fun,  or for cheaper & cleaner transportation, a hand throttle will make your life much more exciting and smoother.


Hope this insight was of a great help to you,  if you like to add more to this topic and help my readers more about the e-bike systems please feel free to write your thoughts in the comment box below, me and my readers will appreciate you chipping in.

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