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Welcome to foldingelecrticbike.siterubix.com. Everyone has a hobby, “a burning passion for something” , some will explore this hobby and sadly some won’t . One of my favorite hobbies is riding bikes And thanks for the internet, it helpes in volumes those who decided to turn such hobby into a bright future.

I just launched this site in 9/16/2018 to talk about this hobby and to gather the most useful information related to e-bikes,  and in doing so hoping to be able to help as many as I can of those seeking the right information about electric bikes in general, especially the folding ones, who’s becoming so popular nowadays.

My Promise to you

I promise this site to be the quitest and most peaceful site you’ll ever visit. You’ll never see annoying popups every few seconds asking for your email address, for a later bombardment of countless offers. Or place Dangerous tracking cookies in your browser that watch every single move you make online which can be very dangerous to your personal information.

You will come in peace, read in quite and leave with a smile. This is my promise to all my visitors. I also do appreciate if you have more information to infuse in any related topic , such you can do in the comment box below each page or post.

With my lovely parrot

With my lovely pain in the ass parrot

My first E-Bike

Below is the photo of my bike, just treated myself as a late new year resolution, I guess it’s better later than never. May be you wonder,  why this bike? Yes, there is so many electric folding bikes out there but I love this particular one for it’s ruggedness, toughness, and the positive feeds from those who purchased it.

I also bought this bike because of the specs and features I was getting for this price. I truly love it. I got it initially for getting around the neighborhood. Then I started using it to run into town, go to restaurants, and nearby appointments.

It gets me where I need to be efficiently. I don’t think I’ll ever have to wait in traffic again for a mile drive since I’ll be using this bad boy more often.

It is of wisdom and my absolute recommendation  that you read customer reviews for anything you purchase Especially online When you can’t see or feel the item like you would in an indoor merchant store or dealer around the neighborhood.

Addmotor Motan Electric Fat Tire 20Inch Bikes 500w 48v Snow Folding Bicycles

Addmotor Motan Electric Fat Tire 20Inch Bikes 500w 48v Snow Folding Bicycles


There are so many benefits in riding bikes,  see my post here on this topic. Whether it is health and environment.  Beating traffic congestions, having romantic rides, loosing un-needed extra weight, or else,  the list go’s on and on.

I hope by building this website to get the message out and help as many as I can in obtaining the right information to own one of these folding bikes.

We Sometimes Need Extra Help In Information & Decisions


Sam with sweetheart back in the 80's

With my sweetheart back in the 80’s


Many people love to have a bike and need some extra help and advice to get the proper and most convenient one’s, in accordance with physical and budget demands alike.

Of course,  everyone love to have the best value for their spent money, this website will provide you with all the information you need before making such venture.

This website is truly customer friendly, you wont see annoying pop ups asking your email, neither we collect any information on you or you shopping habits, no tracking cookies will ever be placed here.

Therefore, and for your convenience , I do recommend you bookmark this simple friendly  site for future visits.

my 2 cats

Couldn’t help but to show you my pain in the butt 2 kittens

Again Welcome to foldingelecrticbike.siterubix.com

If you need further help please use the comment box below for a swift reply. You also can email me at  smarteraffiliates@mail.com . if a private contact


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Welcome to foldingelecrticbike.siterubix.com

with my pain in the butt parrot